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Holybelly Coffee Blend - Mystic Mornings 250g

Holybelly Coffee Blend - Mystic Mornings 250g

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Awaken your senses to the extraordinary with our Mystic Mornings coffee blend.

Crafted from the finest beans, it’s a versatile omni-roast, perfect for your contemplative moments or your quick espresso indulgences. 

A well-balanced profile with hints of dark chocolate, a touch of red fruits, and a velvety, smooth finish. 

Take home the very blend we proudly serve at Holybelly, our renowned restaurant in Paris. It pairs beautifully with both sweet and savory breakfasts.

Freshly roasted by our friends Belleville Brûlerie exclusively for Holybelly.

  • Omni-roast : Perfect for filter and espresso extraction methods.
  • Net weight : 250g
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